There is a world of difference between knowledge and realization. The former is tentative and ephemeral, while the latter cannot be found through the intellect. I have been writing about this for quite some time after spending decades delving into the self, consciousness, and what lies beyond.

Everything that is known is debatable and fallible. In this world of ideas and forms we are constantly facing the challenge of right versus wrong, always trying to make a case and deal with issues and people who seem problematic. This stems from the fundamental conflict that arises out of the psychologically conditioned self. My work is about getting beyond the self and seeing with clarity "what is." We may call this enlightenment, but it is not really the mystery that it is painted to be.

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Vic Shayne

Vic Shayne

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NY Times bestselling author writing about reality beyond thought, consciousness, and the self to uncover what is fundamental.